Tanya Free & Friends: 45 To Ramp Up Drug War Roll Back Civil Protections

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In addition to calling the media fake news, the 45th president of the United States has barred several news organizations from a press briefing. Are we becoming a nation with a government that controls and censors the media? The 45th president also revoked transgender bathroom protection. Who is he going after next? Beware recreational marijuana smokers; the new administration is on record that there should be greater enforcement of federal drug laws prohibiting the use of recreational marijuana in states where it’s legal. Let’s talk about these stories and more Today on the Tanya Free and Friends Show 2pm/1pm.

Scotty Reid, founder of Black Talk Radio Network and the Black Talk Media Project joins the conversation this week to discuss the impact of private prisons on our community and the President’s decision to reverse the Obama administration’s plan to phase out the government use of private prisons?

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