New Abolitionists Radio: SC Green Party Candidate David Kulma For Congress Calls For End To Legalized Slavery In U.S.

Tune in for news, commentary and more as we focus on 21st Century slavery and human trafficking enabled by the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Tonight we will be joined by two members of the South Carolina Green Party, Gregg Jocoy and David Kulma. Mr. Kulma is running for Congress and has made abolishing legalized slavery part of his platform. The candidate has produced a evidence based video spelling out how prison slavery exists in the United States in 2017 and he has called for Congressional hearings on the 13th Amendment.

In the News… 

Trump Ramps Up Deportation Force: Collect 6% Yield Now

Subscribers to ” Retirement: One Dividend At A Time ” got an early look at this material and receive instant text message trade alerts which often produce lower entry price points and higher yield and income. GEO Group Benefits From Trump Deportation Ramp-Up The GEO Group (NYSE:GEO) won a government contract for a new 1000-bed facility on Thursday.

Inside NOLA public defenders’ decision to refuse felony cases

How do 50 lawyers handle 22,000 cases? They can’t. New Orleans public defenders say the criminal justice system needs urgent reform. New Orleans public defenders admit they’ve not been able to adequately represent all their clients and innocent people have gone to jail.

Georgia officials dismiss 89 cases linked to fired officers shown kicking, punching motorist

Days after two officers in suburban Atlanta were fired when videos surfaced showing them kicking and punching a motorist, authorities have reportedly dismissed nearly 90 cases involving the pair. The Gwinnett County Solicitor said she is dropping all cases in which Robert McDonald or Michael… 

Cop Ordered to Pay $415K of Own Money to Family of Unarmed Teen He Killed

Little Rock, AR – An encouraging end to a tragic story comes out of Arkansas this week after a former Little Rock police officer was found liable in the shooting death of 15-year-old boy in 2012. 

Florida Sheriff: “You Blacks Should Learn How To Act Like White People In Order To Stay Alive”

A local Florida sheriff took to YouTube to give the black community advice on how they should behave and describe themselves. Escambia Sheriff David Morgan believes that part of his job description includes teaching black people how to be good citizens. 

21st Century Rider Of The Underground Railroad: Exoneration and Freedom for Evin King in Ohio

Today, prosecutors in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) vacated the conviction of long-time Ohio Innocence Project client Evin King. King was convicted in 1995 of murdering his girlfriend despite no direct evidence of guilt (eyewitness or forensic). He always maintained his innocence, from arrest and trial and then throughout his 23 years of incarceration.

Abolitionist In Profile: Moses Dickson: Founder of the Secret Organization “Knights of Liberty” to Help Fight Slavery

Moses Dickson was born free in Ohio in 1824. He was the founder of the Knights of Liberty, which was a secret organization dedicated to fighting slavery and helping the enslaved escape. At 16, he began a three year tour of the South which persuaded him to work for the abolition of slavery.

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