Thando Radio Show: A Historical Drought & Famine Is Building In The Land.

The Thando Radio Show covers global current events as relating and affecting the Black community to effectively respond from a position of advantage.

In the news….

China’s Plan to Subvert the Global Dollar Standard

If nothing else, the Chinese have a sense of history and destiny. They have had a glorious past, stretching back millennia, and once controlled most of the Asian heartland in the days of Genghis and Kublai Khan. But even then, China was essentially inward-looking, protecting her own cultural values.

Does America Have Too Many Grocery Stores?

The American grocery store has so far been mostly immune to the ravages of online shopping and the all around apocalyptic outlook facing the nation’s retailers. But a war is coming to the staid supermarket, and that could mean more consolidation, bankruptcies, and falling prices. An invasion is getting under way.

Metals Extend Sell-Off as Mining Shares Decline, Iron Ore Slumps

Metals extended their biggest daily plunge this year, buffeted by signs of ample supplies of copper, concern over the outlook for demand in China and a stronger dollar. Iron ore futures plunged in Dalian, steel tumbled in Shanghai and mining shares slid to the lowest level in four months.

For the Balkans, Trump is No Different Than Obama

Wayne MADSEN: To have taken U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign promises seriously, one would have believed that the United States would cease its constant attempts to replace governments it does not like with compliant regimes through the counter-democratic process of provoking “themed” or “color” revolutions.

Korean peninsula

Korea has been a single political entity controlling over Korean Peninsula until the end of World War II, when Soviet Union and United States each occupied northern and southern halves respectively. The division further leads to founding of today…

Huawei, Vivo are why the iPhone is losing ground in China

The top 10 premium phone list was dominated by Apple and Samsung until about a year ago – now they face tough competition from Chinese brands

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