BTR News: The Music Industry & The Decline Of Black Radio w/ Paul Porter

Music and radio industry legend Paul Porter joined us on BTR News to discuss some of the subject matter in his new book, “Black Out, My 40 Years In The Music Industry“. During the interview, Mr. Porter describes a conversation he had with a young Black student that opened up his eyes to the hurtful impact of violent lyrical content that was playing on the radio, how he was motivated to have the song removed from the airwaves and the industry’s response to his advocacy. He also discussed some of his experience working under Black radio mogul Kathy Hughes, pay for play practices that are still in the industry and how he is attempting to positively impact the Pine Hills community with his radio station The Wire 98.5 FM. This and more during this insightful interview with Paul Porter. You can purchase a signed copy of his book at

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