The C.O.W.S Frantz Fanon: The Wretched of the Earth Part 8

Friday, September 29th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the eighth study session on Frantz Fanon’s 1961 “classic”, The Wretched of the Earth. Born in Martinique in 1925, Fanon is an internationally celebrated psychiatrist who dedicated his 36 years of life to eradicating White terrorism. He battled for Algerian independence from French colonial domination and black liberation world wide. Fanon also authored Black Skin, White Mask, which is a psychoanalysis of the perversions and neurosis that drives the sexual activity between Whites and black people. Interestingly, Fanon himself married a White woman. The writer and psychiatrist died from leukemia the same year The Wretched of the Earth was published; it’s reported that Fanon’s health deteriorated to the point that he dictated segments of the text to his White spouse. During Last week’s session, Fanon explained that “colonialism” destroyed traces of African history and accomplishments, so that White culture would represent the totality of human ingenuity. However, Fanon warned against thinking that all black people’s problems can be solved by retreating to romanticized African history. In contrasting the abuse black people experience around the globe, Fanon concluded that black people in the United States experience a form of White Supremacy substantively different from the colonial tyranny on the continent. Since Gus has been extremely critical of this text, we ask listeners to ponder why this book is so celebrated – especially by Whites.


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