New Abolitionists Radio: American “Slave Codes” In Full Effect

Today is the March 28th, 2018 broadcast in our 6th season.

On and near this day in history.

• On March 15th, 1832. The infamous Virginia Slave Codes were passed in response to the Nat Turner rebellion

• On March 25, 1931, nine African Americans ranging in age from thirteen to twenty-one were arrested for allegedly raping two white women on board a train near Paint Rock, Alabama. An all-white jury quickly convicted the defendants on flimsy evidence and eight of the nine were sentenced to death. Thanks to the efforts of the American Communist Party and using many of the same tactics as new abolitionists, The Scottsboro case put institutional racism on display for the world to see.

• Also, on March 22nd 2018 Grace Divine Brown passed away at 93 years old. She was born in 1925. One of 12 siblings. Graces mother (Native and African American) was lost at an early age resulting in her adoption by the Robinson Family. Former slaves who fled Georgia to new jersey. Grace had one child (Elizabeth) who died at birth. Yet she raised at least 10 children from her family whose parents were unable to care for them due to the scourge of drug addiction, alcoholism and mass incarceration in the black community. She only raised one of those as her own son. That son was me. Rest in peace mom. I’ll see you again.

• Our abolitionist in profile tonight is Thomas Clarkson, born March 28th, 1760. One of the 9 founder members of the Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade (´SEAST´). All the nine remaining founder members were Quakers, reflecting their driving force behind abolition.

• We will be discontinuing our segment “For Freedom’s Sake, A history of Rebellion” and beginning a new segment called “The Slave-catchers Chronicles”. I’ll explain why tonight.

• Our Rider of the 21st-century Underground Railroad is former BPP member Herman Bell who spent 44 years in prison. Bell, who just turned 70, was convicted in 1973, with Albert Washington and Anthony Bottom in the 1971 killing of two New York City police officers. This month he gained his release through parole.

• As usual, we’ll dissect and disseminate current news and events related to 13TH amendment slavery from the perspectives of slavery abolitionists. We’ve got some bombshells and bullets tonight.

Tune in at 8 PM EST!

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