BTR News: American Pundits Are In No Position To Throw Stones At North Korea

BTR News – After Donald Trump met with Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea, in Singapore to jump-start a peace process between the two nuclear-armed nations, reactions to the historic meeting were mixed and fell along partisan lines. Those who criticized Barack Obama for starting an initiative to normalize relations with Cuba displayed a bit of hypocrisy as they applauded Trump’s meeting with Kim Jung Un and those who applauded Obama for his actions were quick to criticize Trump for similar actions.

Trump’s American critics were often questioning North Korea’s human rights record and if it should first agree to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Again this is very hypocritical when the United States supports and arms despotic regimes in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other countries in the middle east. In fact, as Israel murders and maims thousands of unarmed protesters in the Right To Return marches that have taken place in Gaza, it was the United States ambassador who vetoed a UN resolution calling for an independent investigation into the killings and shootings.

Furthermore, the United States does not and has never had a stellar human rights record when it comes to the treatment of Native Americans, Black Americans and other non-white people in the nation. In fact, the United States still practices slavery through its prisons with the largest prison population in the world, its police are regularly seen killing, beating and otherwise abusing citizens, not to mention the abuse of children in many of the detention facilities. The UN just days ago cited the US for separating children from their parents when they cross the border illegally. We could go on naming all the human rights abuses that occur in the United States but the point is, people who live in glasses houses should not throw stones or as the scripture says, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Apparently, American media punditry is full of hypocrites with a pocket full of rocks ready to throw.

If the United States would stop meddling in other nation’s affairs, stop overthrowing nations like they did Libya, stop supporting military coups like they did in Honduras and focused on solving its own myriad of problems, then perhaps the world would be a less violent world in which to live.

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