Video: Robert F Williams – The Question of Racism and Patriotism To A Tyrannical Government

Republic of New Afrika’s 1st president, former NAACP Monroe NC Chapter President, US Korean War Vet, Political exile and Freedom Fighter, Robert F. Williams is featured in this powerful documentary that shows just one chapter in the history of the repressive effects of slavery and racism as a matter of domestic policy. of the US government against Black Americans whose history goes back to the founding of the British American colonies.

Williams was one of many victims of the corrupt and racist FBI.

Williams fell victim to the racist tyranny perpetrated through the utterly corrupt FBI.

Robert F. Williams himself formed an American militia group in Monroe, NC called the Black Guard with whom he shared his military combat and organizational skills he picked up while serving in the US Armed forces assault on Korea. The goal which was achieved by a community-wide effort successfully defended the community from the mob violence the North Carolina Klan tried to incite against them with repeated terrorist acts of shooting into homes while speeding down the road.

In the film Williams, a Korean War veteran was asked about if his political positions on human rights made him a traitor to the United States of American Inc. Williams gives the perfect response to the proposal that a Black American should be “patriotic” to the tyranny of a racist and corrupt nation.

Robert F Williams Goes To China whose military forces he served against in during the Korean War.
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