BTR News: Does No One Care About African Americans Murdered In Jeffersonville, Indiana?

BTR News – Papa John founder John Schnatter resigned as Chairman of the Board of the pizza franchise after comments he made in a conference call angered other board members. He now regrets resigning and claims he did not use the N-word in a negative way when making comments about KFC founder Col Sanders not facing backlash for using the word as a slur against Black people.

However, that is not the most appalling thing Schnatter said on the call first reported by Forbes and every article I have read about the call on other outlets including the black targeted The Root are leaving out Schnatter’s claims that African Americans were dragged to their deaths behind trucks in his hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Schnatter did not say what time period these murders occurred but considering he was born in 1961, one could assume it could have been during the 70s or 80s and possibly beyond.

Why news outlets are seeking to white out his comments about the murders of Black people is something they can only answer but since there is not a statute of limitations on murders or civil rights violations, it seems that Schnatter should be answering questions from law enforcement about those murders. To date not even Jeffersonville officials or local civil rights groups like the NAACP are raising the questions surrounded Schnatter’s knowledge of racially motivated murders.

The lack of attention paid to this issue is very troublesome when we know that many of the murders and lynchings of Black Americans have gone uninvestigated even though many of the perpetrators are still walking around among us possibly sporting Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again apparel. Justice demands an investigation.

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