New Abolitionists Radio: The US Invention Of The White Classification & Repeal The Deceptive 13th Amendment

Today is the October 10th, 2018 live broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio with hosts Max Parthas and Scotty T Reid.

Tonight, we’ve got a huge change to announce. It affects US slavery abolitionists everywhere. This is important. Stay tuned and we’ll explain. We’ll be going deep tonight on the concept of a white race in history. When have we ever not been controversial? Expect it. We’re the people who think differently about things by definition. And one more thing. We’ve got poetry.

On and near this day in history…

• Freedom fighter and thorn in a president’s side, Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer was born on October 6, 1917, in Montgomery County, Mississippi. She said “Nobody is free until everybody is free” and here at New Abolitionists Radio we stand in solidarity. Happy birthday Queen.…/fannie-lou-hamer-civ…

• On October 10th, 1845, The United States Naval Academy opened in Annapolis, Maryland, with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors. 99 years later, Wesley Anthony Brown (April 3, 1927 – May 22, 2012) was the first Black graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He served in the United States Navy from May 2, 1944, until June 30, 1969. He was involved in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.…

In direct action news.

Needs your support. It is a nationwide campaign being initiated by people currently confined in the United States. This campaign grew out of the August 21 National Prison Strike Demands, specifically, point #10: The voting rights of all confined citizens serving prison sentences, pretrial detainees, and so-called “ex-felons” must be counted. Representation is demanded.

• Then also, remember to Vote Amendment A in Colorado to remove the exception clause to slavery from the state constitution.,_Removal_of_Ex…

• In honor of his birthday, Our Abolitionists in profile tonight is William Still (October 7, 1821 – July 14, 1902) An Black abolitionist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a conductor on the Underground Railroad, a businessman, a writer, historian and a civil rights activist.

• Our Riders of the 21st-century Underground Railroad today are VanDyke Perry and Gregory Counts. Convicted in 1992 on a false rape testimony. These two Black men were wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 26 years as punishment for a crime that never happened. They were released in may of 2018.…/convictions-vacated-2…/588406002/

As always, we have a little time and a lot to cover.
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