Everyday Realities of Community Organizing w/ Kevin & Sophia

Mumia’s Comin Home

‘Intercoms’ is a work-in-progress series, aiming to launch live in the near future. These ‘Pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around 13th amendment-sanctioned prison slavery, its ramifications & organizing efforts against it.

In part 1 of this multi-part series we get a glimpse into the experiences and insights of two community organizers doing strong word in NYC and elsewhere.  Connect with us as we observe critical sociopolitical realities through the critical lens of Kevin and Sophia’s perspectives.

‘When Mumia was on death’s door with hep-c and we went to court fighting for him to get the right medical treatment none of them were there.  It was just us.[…] None of them were there, not even the news media because I suspect that they felt that ‘This is it, these are his last days and there’s no coming back.’ -Sophia

‘Most gun violence videos I’ve seen, it really just speaks on the victim and it never really gives both sides of the story. I felt that does the victim no justice.[…]All this ties into mental health and I’m big on that.’ -Kevin

Campaign to Bring Mumia Home: https://www.bringmumiahome.com/

IWOC NYC: https://www.instagram.com/iwoc_nyc/

Welcome Home Fundraiser (This Saturday):



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