Was Gairy Kimber “Lynched” In Durham, NC?

BTR News – There is a report from an obscure website based in North Carolina that is reporting 26 yr old Gairy Kimber may have been the victim of a lynching. There were no other reports to be found online other than we can confirm that Mr. Kimber is, in fact, dead and will be buried on February 16 in Georgia according to an online obituary posted by the funeral service contracted by the family.

The NC Beat, an online publication cited one person who said that Kimber’s hands were tied behind his back.

“Tiara Taylor told The North Carolina Beat that when Kimber was found, his hands were tied behind his back but friends close to the family say he committed ‘suicide’.”

However, there are no reports citing that this is correct information as it appears that friends and family believe Kimber killed himself. Durham police nor any other law enforcement agency has made a statement about Mr. Kimber’s death and the family doesn’t appear to be pushing for further investigation or holding any press conferences calling attention to an alleged lynching.

Given that we can not find any other source to confirm Mr. Kimber’s hands were bound behind his back, given the lack of information coming from the family and statements by friends, we can not say if Mr. Kimber was lynched or not, if he committed suicide by hanging or anything else that is being alleged by The NC Beat, all we can confirm at this time is that Mr. Kimber is dead.

We will follow and update this story if any more information becomes available.

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  1. While we know that racism is still alive and well in 2019, and “the good ole boys” still run the south. It could have been a suicide, and I only say that because not only is the family silent but so are all the black activist. Either way I hope the truth be set free and the healing process of his family and friends continues.

  2. Thank you for publishing what is actually known of this story so people who have heard the allegations of lynching can make sense of why that story isn’t appearing in major newspapers. Suicide is devastating to a family. The questions of what mental health resources are available to the poor and to people who are not comfortable with seeking help are absolutely what concerned strangers should focus their energy on.

  3. Maybe the family was threatened if they try to push the investigation they could be killed. I highly doubtful this young man who was full of life according to his friends and family and Facebook just a few weeks before would hang himself. Where was his vehicle? Was there a letter? Did he give weird vibes to where everyone should be concerned? Any signs? I see he’s also an Air force veteran did he have an history of PTSD?

  4. Me and Gairy grew up together…Honestly I really just want answer but anywho…If ik on a road trip in a car driving and I want to kill myself I would drive my car into a wall ,a ditch or hell a tree. I’m not bout to get out my car grab my lil rope and go find a nice sturdy tree to hang myself…I dont think he committed suicide and when I saw his mom and dad for the funeral that wasnt the time to talk about it…But Gairy was an amazing ass person and will always be missed

    1. What you think you would do if you were irrationally suicidal doesn’t tell us much about what another man would do if he were irrationally suicidal. I’m not saying this was or was not a suicide, just that you and I are not able to know what was going on in his head if he did kill himself.

      Murder or suicide, different painful tragedies.

    2. Hey! Is there a way I can reach you? I think I can help their family get answers, and you are the one link I can find with them.

    3. I know knew a person who drove to a place he visited often, went & found the strongest tree in the park & hung himself. Dude, you are too rational to commit suicide. It would take you years to settle. We know nothing, except that he is dead.

  5. God has revealed to me that the 400+ year evils committed by this country, especially against PEOPLE OF COLOR will never voluntarily end.




    1. United states has only been here for about 243 years.
      And there are mass genocide being committed in Africa and parts of Asia not by white people.

    1. There is only one person who said his hands were tied behind his back, the family has said no such thing. I hope that clears it up for you.

    1. Is who going to admit to a lynching, I would like to think his family members would hold a press conference or something to alleged that there is a cover-up but the family is doing no such thing. I don’t like to speculate with conspiracy theories that lack any evidence but will monitor to see if the family comes out with a statement which they have not at this point in time.

    2. 1) I believe his family would tell us he was lynched if they believe it were true.
      2) I believe his family has not said he was lynched.
      3) It’s possible that he was lynched and this was somehow hidden from his family, but it’s unlikely.

      The most likely answer is that this man was suffering from mental illness and did not get treatment. It happens all the time. Interesting questions are:
      1) What mental health resources were available to him and others in his community?
      2) Was he receiving help for mental health problems?
      3) Is there a disparity in the resources available to people of color and/or poor people in his community?

    1. Because most mainstream press organizations do not report suicides unless there are extenuating circumstances. The person who kills himself in the middle of a busy intersection in rush hour traffic, the person who is famous or a public official or the cases where there is an initial suspicion of murder all are fodder for coverage. But I suspect if the family believes it is suicide, they would want to grieve outside of the public spotlight.

      1. I agree and why I do not want to bother them with this. I do know an activist in the area I have contacted but not heard back from yet and I know he would have gotten in touch with me if he thought there was some merit to this story. Some people on the internet just want to produce clickbait conspiracy stories. There have been alleged lynchings in the recent past and the media was all over it. I simply don’t believe this one person. It is not like the LaQaun McDonald situation where the story was suppressed because the city of Chicago paid his mother $5 million in hush money.

        1. The “New” Black Panther activists were in the area last night (Downtown Durham) regarding this lynching. I think we need to push DPD to report on this one way or another as in good faith to their policing and knowledge in our communities.

          What they found, what was reported to their department, either it was or it wasn’t, and are our communities safe our children safe from this type of hatred…………..That’s all we are asking at this point?

          Thank you Black Talk Radio for reporting what you do know to try and bring attention and clarity to what we don’t know.. An earlier comment said it best “if you hadn’t written anything – it would have been a cover up, you say something – it’s not enough information”.

          I appreciate the very transparent and neutral stand taken on this reporting, good work and PLEASE keep us posted!!!

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