Justice Radio Station: Mistik Mixx-Countering Self-Deception!

Recognize there is a Social Structure, Socialization Process, Social Construct. To Recognize, Resolve,Repeal, Replace. To Counter this Highest Level of Refinement Deception:

ReVisit Idea About Knowledge of Self, Existence. Understand ones’ Orientation- Relative position of something or someone especially ones’ SELF!

Understand Nature and Structure of ‘Not Self’- the body, individual, person, human.

NOW, TO LIVE THIS KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING FOR WELL BEING! THANK YOU NEELY FULLER JR, a code for the Individual along with using Immediate Power (how one does what one wants to, whenever one wants to-The Will) to Counter Psychological Deception.The rest will follow with constructive thought, speech, action, an environment where the individual guarantee no one is mistreated including the individual.

Commentary Welcome 8 p.m. est. Justice Radio Station




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