Justice Radio Station:Mistik Mixx- Refinement Stage of Social Order is at Highest Level of Deception!

Most people are predominantly left brain functioning. For Optimal Health, Balance the Brain hemispheres.

Use words that reveal Truth. Identify with ones’ Natural Nature-Truth. Transcend Beliefs of someone else. Revisit Idea about knowledge of Self.

Question everything taught to believe, is it truth?

Encouraging Everyone,

                       Ask ,

                   …WHO AM I?

                      AM I REALLY WHO I AM?

                           AM I ALL I OUGHT TO BE?

                    Answer by starting with the SOURCE…ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Know there is only one Power, The Infinite Omnipotent One.

Truth is Absolute, Infinite and what is Absolute (unquestionable,.. not an opinion,

belief or faith) is I Am Here Now.

I Am means Existence exist and there is an awareness of

Existence and that awareness is I.

Existence is Infinite, Eternal and Complete, that which is

 Eternal, Complete, Infinite is I Am.

There is only one I, one I Am that knows of its Existence. That I Am is All Knowing (Omniscient), All Presence (Omnipresence), 

All Powerful (Omnipotent). If this is Who I Am, THEN 

                          Who Or What is the Body?

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