10,000 White People In Germany Turned Out To Confront White Supremacists

By Scotty T. Reid – Russian and European news outlets have reported on a massive rally against white supremacy in Kassel, Germany as 10,000 predominately white people turned out to confront an expected 500 white supremacists who planned a rally just weeks after the murder of an open refugee policy supporter and local politician, Walter Lübcke.  Lübcke was reported to have been shot in the head at his home near Kassel by a known white supremacist who confessed but has since withdrawn his confession.

The allowance of the ideology of supremacy, specifically white supremacy, is a dangerous game to play with the lives of non-white citizens and residents. In The West, this hateful and dehumanizing rhetoric is sponsored by corporations selling their wares and services on programming that has the effect of radicalizing lone wolf and organizational terrorism. Right-Wing radio promoting the ideology of white supremacy is a pressing problem in the West.

Any speech that promotes the denigration of the civil and human rights of a group of people based on factors like skin color, religion, national origin, and sex should be banned from regulated radio and television airwaves if a society intends to promote justice through media programming (speech).

There are real real-world consequences and costs that victims of white supremacy have to pay for so-called “free speech”. Words constitute speech and speech often leads to thoughts which then can lead to actions like infiltrating a Black church under the guise of brotherhood only to murder the people as they closed their eyes during prayer then obviously producing injustice is the goal of white supremacy ideology. When white supremacists violently act on their ideological beliefs, they murder politicians over immigration policies like Mr. Walter Lübcke. When white supremacists hear people like US President Donald Trump traffick in racist and xenophobic rhetoric, they call up the staff of a member of the US Congress who happens to be an immigrant and a Muslim, and threatens to put a bullet in Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “skull”. Then only months later, US President Donald Trump basks in chants of “Send Her Back” after he targeted Rep. Ilhan Omar once again with his rhetoric.

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The West is going to have to ask itself if it can credibly prosecute a “war on terror” in a blatantly obvious discriminatory manner ignoring terrorist threats based on their skin color and nationality. The way the United States has operated has been to give the white supremacist groups a white privilege card compared to the treatment non-whites get for engaging in similar acts of extremism and terrorism. For example, white supremacist all across The West can go out get permits to use public spaces to uplift Nazi and Confederate Flags and spew ideology that encourages the mistreatment of other human beings. These same “privileges” are not afforded to  US supporters of ISIS or Al Qaeda. A self-identified ISIS supporter in the US would be arrested for posting ISIS propaganda on Facebook. The FBI was recently grilled by members of Congress for making up threats like the so-called “Black Identity Extremist” label and then sending out warnings about the fictitious threat to police departments across the nation who then oppressed the civil rights of groups and people part of the initial Black Lives Matter movement that included people of all races, skin color and nationalities.

The counter-racist philosopher Neely Fuller Jr. said that only white people can end white supremacy and if more white people acted in accordance with the white people of Germany who confronted white supremacists, the quicker the people of the planet can produce a system based on justice and not based on racism and xenophobia.

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