BTR News: Elizabeth Warren Lies About The Nature of The Democratic Party #Receipts


BTR News – In a single tweet Elizabeth Warren demonstrates that she can not be trusted and plays pretty loose and fast with the truth. Not only can she not answer a simple question and acknowledge that taxes will slightly go up in order to cover every man, woman, and child with Medicare For All and explain that the taxpayers will still get a return on their investment with huge healthcare savings.

Elizabeth Warren can not even admit that the DNC is and has been for sale to the wealthiest citizens on earth who would be forced to pay taxes since they don’t pay any under Trump’s tax cuts. Elizabeth Warren will not fight for what she knows is right because she simply doesn’t have the resolve to take on special interest groups in Washington, DC. To borrow a tired old line from Sleepy Joe Biden, Trump would beat her like a drum in the general if she was gifted the DNC nomination.

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