New Abolitionists Radio: New Abolitionists Day of Action In Solidarity With All Prison Slaves on “Palestinian Prisoners Day”. 

In this episode of New Abolitionists Radio, Tag connects from the field with other activists participating in protests at three different jails in New York City. The protests were in coordination and solidarity with Palestinian prisoners with April 17th being designated Palestinian Prisoners Day.

Tag spoke with Johanna Fernandez of The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home, Grace and Bailey of IWOC NYC over the phone from each of their protest locations. Abolitionists worldwide including those in New York, engaged in an all-day phone, fax & social media zaps to pressure officials administrating legalized slavery in the midst of the global pandemic.

Palestinian Prisoners have a central yet simple message that says from “From the River to the Sea, All the Prisoners Must Be Freed’ and it is in that spirit that New Abolitionists join them in solidarity on the global issue of legalized prison slavery. During the episode, we will also hear calls from prisoners trapped behind bars during a global pandemic courtesy “It’s Up to Us to End Mass Incarceration”

Online Resources

The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home

Palestinian Prisoners’ Day of Action:


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