JUSTICE RADIO STATION: Jailhouse Psychotherapy – Can the Individual Produce Justice Using Colonists'(Also Known As-Americans) ‘Declaration of Independence’?

Can The Declaration of Independence made up and not lived by the colonist (AKA- Americans), produce Justice?

Share views on how to Counter ‘Psychological Imprisonment’ Do you Agree, Disagree, Undecided about this classification of All individuals?  radiodvj@gmail.com

Stop deception, pain. Replace current socialization process, racist system (anyone identifying as member of a race), accepting designation of position, integrating using comforts of Amendments, Things, ‘acceptance’.

Join Justice, Ms. Lady independently replacing mistreatment system with system of Justice meaning No One Mistreated.

Using the only strength we have, individual immediate power and use of a code for constructive thought, speech, action.

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