BTR News: The Medical Model for Racism in Modern Society w/ Reverend Fred Shaw Jr.

BTR News = The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the world’s leading Mental Health Industry Watchdog, is responsible for helping enact more than 180 worldwide reforms that protect the public from abuses committed under the guise of mental health. Joining BTR News is the Public Affairs Director of the organization, Reverend Fred Shaw Jr. to discuss the current “Medical Model” of racism in modern-day society.


A New York Law School Journal report in 2017 highlighted continued psychological profiling: “Behavior by African-Americans is more often interpreted as ‘dangerous’ than identical behavior by whites.”

African Americans are over-represented in restraint-related deaths of children and adults with disabilities, accounting for 22% of the deaths studied while representing only 13% of the U.S. population.

In one state, as an example, African Americans are disproportionately subjected to coercive and restrictive measures, including 72-hour involuntary psychiatric commitment, seclusion, restraints, and forcibly drugged.

Today, there is an over-representation of antipsychotic drugs prescribed by African Americans.[12] Antipsychotics cause severe adverse effects such as tardive dyskinesia (uncontrollable movement disorder) and akathisia, an inability to keep still, causing extreme restlessness, leading to violent behavior.[13] African American men are most likely to receive excessive doses of these drugs.

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