No great gathering or crowd starts a movement . Quite the contrary, when the many assemble it is because someone has already begun . One person has already thought matters through and resolved that a beginning must be made. He should not be the usual “leader” whose fiery denunciations of wrongs against Blacks may be counted on to stir emotions-and that is all. The one person needed is simply one who is dedicated with a sense of mission for his race, seeking nothing but the opportunity to serve it . There are doubtless countless thousands of such sons and daughters of the race, willing and ready, but either not knowing what to do or afraid of their own capabilities, and “leaving it to somebody else .”

Yet, all one person has to do is to ask five or six other people to study THE PLAN, PLAN (Using Individual immediate power with code of constructive thought, speech, action). Wage Guerilla war on the Mind. Guerilla war of the Mind is Strategy.

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