JUSTICE RADIO STATION-What is LIBERATION? Open-Line Friday Sept. 3rd

Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Social Freedom. LIBERATION (1) Freedom from physical enslavement, imprisonment or confinement (2) Freedom to possess your own psychological milieu –language, ideologies, spirituality, images and ideals (3) Freedom to establish and perpetuate your own society—economic foundations, educational institutions, entertainment industries, family structures, labor conditions, legal systems, political organizations, religious beliefs, scientific criteria and war (Defense) capabilities.  The initial goal of the Black Liberation Movement in “America” was (IS) Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, and Social Freedom. THIS GOAL WAS EVENTUALLY COMPROMISED FOR THE FALSE DECEITFUL IDEA OF DESEGREGATION UNDER “AMERICAN” INTEGRATION. Identified Now As “AFRICAN-AMERICAN”!  Question Everything Taught To Believe. Is It Truth?  REMEMBER, LIBERATION IS THE G O A L!  justiceradiostation.com    OPEN LINE FRIDAYS 10p.m.Est., 9p.m.CT, 8p.m.MT, 7p.m.PT.                                                                                                                                  

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