Abolition Today – You Gon’ Learn Today!

In every sense this episode is going to be a master class on the how, what, who, when, why, and where of contemporary constitutional slavery.
On 6/15/2022 The ACLU National releases the full 170-page bombshell report titled: Captive Labor Exploitation of Incarcerated Workers.

“Though this report centers on the gratuitously harsh conditions of contemporary prison labor, it is embedded in larger conversations about racism, sexism, the U.S. criminal legal system, the 13th Amendment, and the ultimate morality of this country’s vast network of prisons, jails, and detention facilities.”

Yusuf and Max have been digging through the report and we’ll pull out some major highlights.

It’s our last broadcast before we hit the road on our way to NC and VT. On 6/17/22 Max will be the Plenary Speaker at the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association of the Religious Society of Friends. Also known as the Quakers. After a dozen years of working with the Quakers, Community Max is hoping to see them rededicate themselves as traditional and present allies of the US slavery abolitionist movement. Then, from June 18th through 21st, the abolitionist crew is rolling into the grand-daddy of all exception clauses, Vermont, for Juneteenth events. Including Curtis Davis, Tribal Raine, Max Parthas, Yusuf Hassan, and more! We’ll have Spoken Word, a live panel discussion, meet and greet, and will broadcast S3-E23 of Abolition Today LIVE FROM VERMONT!

We’ve got it all in S3-E22. The facts, the momentum, the history, the music, the truth, and the voices of the ancestors were brought back to life for a new generation. You may choose to look the other way, but after today, you can never again say that you did not know.

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One Reply to “Abolition Today – You Gon’ Learn Today!”

    Humbly We need to tie the mass incarceration slavery to the present social slavery. If you can think of anyone with a platform that would talk with me about it please pass this on to them…Peace and Blessings Love and Service…

    Free’emAll!!! The present system of slavery is the technological internet of things slavery where FREE social media platforms make billions by selling the data mined information of people instead of physical labor. Humbly we’ve spoken about the 13th for the10 years till every street tribe made peace around it from Atlanta to Chicago to La all the way to PhD Esther Stanford Xosie over in the UK. Argued with two PhDs who wrote a book on racism in the constitution but left out the slavery exception and in the radio show they publicly laughed at the thought of abolition but by the end of the convo said it was slavery and we have to do something about it! Please call me. 6183344592 
    Brother C… 
    Charles Spencer Jr. 

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