New Abolitionists Radio: The Role Of Districts Attorneys In A System Practicing Legalized Slavery

Tonight we will be joined in conversation by Rory Fleming about the importance of community engagement with local District Attorneys which is a key public office when we talk about criminal justice reforms at the local level. We will briefly discuss the fact that there are two former prosecutors running for President competing for the nomination from the Democratic Party, both with less than progressive records during their time in office.

Rory Fleming is the founder of Foglight Strategies, a campaign research services firm for forward-thinking prosecutors nationwide. He previously worked for the Fair Punishment Project, which was founded as a joint project of Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute and its Criminal Justice Institute. Rory is a licensed Minnesota attorney.

After we speak with Mr. Fleming, we will discuss an article that NA Radio host and producer, Scotty T. Reid wrote about the abuse and exploitation of children and teens in so-called “scared straight” programs that exist across the nation that mental health professions say can cause more harm than good. One of our other hosts, Maxwell Melvins of the Grammy-nominated Lifer’s Group, was one of the pioneers of the program that first appeared on television decades ago called “Scared Straight” which was a name thought up by a Hollywood producer to sensationalize the show. Mr. Melvins said that what we are seeing today, like the program in Chester County, South Carolina is not what was intended by the Lifer’s Group but was intended for “youth awareness”.

In other news, the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission brought up the issue of the prisoner’s human rights and was broadcast its entirety online but got scant attention from US media corporations.

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