“Reparations Talk” & Strategy w/ Descendants of American Slaves Political Action Committee #DASPAC


Tonight on BTR News, we will engage in what someone called the “reparations talk” that seemingly emerges every four years when it close to another Presidential campaign. For some reason, this isn’t an issue raised during the midterm races for seats in Congress or even for state legislator or governor raises. The last two presidential candidates that were asked if they supported “reparations” were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who both said no and still enjoyed 80 plus percent of the Black vote.

Louisvillian Norris E. Shelton published his first literary work, America’s Little Black Book, in 2005. The book addresses the continuing, troubled journey of the descendants of American slaves. His first work is the result of a personal epiphany, a spiritual flash that radically changed the way Louisville small businessman Shelton, now 71, views his own ethnic identity and that of others who share his heritage. Click Here To Purchase.

Tonight we will be joined by Mr. Leonard Walker, President of DASPAC (Descendants of American Slaves Political Action Committee).  Mr. Walker credits the DASPAC movement to Mr. Norris Shelton whose research led him to introduce the concept of American Slaves and Descendants of American Slaves to America in his book “America’s little black book” which was published in 2005.

Mr. Walker was introduced to the movement in 2014 and says that based on his research and dealing with our people, it was abundantly clear we needed to reshape our culture from the foundation up. In 2018  the 501c4 DASPAC was created for the specific purpose of getting our people actively involved properly with the political aspect of our community.

Some things DASPAC proposes we discuss are as follows.,

Create a local, state and nationwide non-partisan independent voting Bloc. This voting bloc will force politicians to compete for our votes and campaign donations. No more giving our energy to causes that have no benefit to our community. No more benign neglect.

Provide services in basic financial literacy such as preparing a budget and understanding the difference between costs versus value. Provide services that teach investing, wealth building and the importance of group economics. Provide services that teach the value of ownership and community building in America.

Through mentorship, create a culture of morality and unity. Restore our traditional family structure. Create a universal code of ethics and behavior among our people. Honor the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors through our successes. Redefine our metrics of success. Create a culture of expectation among our youth.

Dismantle the color-coded caste system called “Race” that denies our people the full rights and privileges of US Citizenship guaranteed by the US Constitution. Hold all politicians and civil servants accountable to the oath of office or position to protect and defend the US Constitution that protects us as citizens. Implement a plan to seek justice for those victims and their families and surviving relatives that were adversely affected by policies and practices that intentionally marginalized or continues to marginalize our people as a result of the old and new “Jim Crow”. To correct the injustices and level that playing field that still relegates our people into second-class citizenship.

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