BTR News – The Willie Lynch Letter Exposed: Subscribers Feedback & Questions

Welcome to this episode of BTR News with Scotty Reid, broadcasting from behind the enemy lines of USA Inc. As I said I would at the conclusion of the episode titled BTR News – The Willie Lynch Letter & The Black Attack On Black Identified Christians I will be sharing and responding to subscriber’s comments.

In the episode, I discussed why it is incorrect behavior to be discourteous, and rude, and likely not a good strategy for “unifying black people”. Particularly on any issues deemed important to the “community” at large when one group of Black people mock another group on a sensitive subject and area in their lives. Some of the rhetoric rises to the level of hate speech and religious discrimination.

I also found it puzzling that the group doing the most swears by the contents of the Willie Lynch letter in which the fictional Willie Lynch writes that if slave masters follow the psychological methods he lists, then slavers would control victims of slavery for 300 years. While some recognize squabbling, be rude and discourteous to would-be “allies” is unconstructive and needs to stop but for some reason don’t recognize when they are being rude and discourteous to “black Christians” or anyone with religious/spiritual practices different from their own.

In this episode, I will share some of the feedback received on the Willie Lynch letter specifically and in the next episode or two, focus on the feedback received on the Afro-Christophobia portion of BTR News – The Willie Lynch Letter & The Black Attack On Black Identified Christians.

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