The C.O.W.S. Alice Sebold’s LUCKY Part 6 #AnthonyBroadwater #BlackMaleRapist #SuperFreak

Wednesday, January 19th 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the 6th study session on Alice Sebold’s LUCKY. Sebold is a White Woman and celebrated author of fiction. Incidentally, Sebold has penned other best selling books about rape. LUCKY was published in 1999 and reportedly details the trauma of Sebold being raped by a black male in Syracuse, New York. Anthony Broadwater steadfastly maintained his innocence. However, Sebold selected him as her attacker, and Broadwater was convicted. Apparently, he was punished for not admitting that he raped Sebold. Broadwater served 16 years for the crime, before being exonerated. Sebold offered a lame apology, and plans to transform LUCKY into a major motion picture have been canceled. During last week’s session, Sebold’s father suggested chopping off Broadwater’s limbs. Neither parent seemed interested in accompanying her for the trial. When Broadwater’s father comes to court to support his son, Sebold seems stunned that this black thing has parents. While giving testimony, Sebold continually suggests that she’s under attack from Broadwater and his White attorney. She identifies Broadwater as the person who raped her, but when asked to count the number of black people in attendance, Sebold regurgitates the same tired White defensiveness and sarcasm. “I was guilty for the race of my rapist, guilty for the lack of representation of them in the legal profession in the City of Syracuse, guilty that he was the only black man in the room.” This week, we feature a cameo from the author of Push – later adapted to the 2009 abomination known as Precious. Ramona Lofton, known as Sapphire, wrote a poem very similar to Sebold’s poem about castrating a black male. Lofton felt compelled to excoriate the non-white males of the Central Park Five rape case. These 5 males were ultimately exonerated and compensated with $40 million from the state of New York. Lofton should share in compensating these non-white male Victims.


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