The C.O.W.S. w/ Jodie Cook (UK): Anthony Broadwater, Alice Sebold’s LUCKY #BlackMaleRapist

Monday, February 28th 5:00PM Eastern/ 8:00PM Pacific
The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Jodie Cook live from the U.K. An avid reader, Cook operates, where she reviews an array of books from authors around the globe. Cook wrote two reviews of Alice Sebold’s LUCKY and branded it “one of the best books I have ever read.” The C.O.W.S. Book Club just completed LUCKY last month, and we learned extraordinary information about White Lies and exactly how Anthony Broadwater was wrongly convicted of this crime. We’re anxious to ask Ms. Cook about Sebold’s poem, where she fantasizes about castrating and mutilating a black male. Cook reports being a sexual abuse victim, so we’ll ask if reading this book was a cathartic experience. We’ll also discuss the emphasis on White virginity and black criminality in this text. Significantly, Broadwater just filed a $50 million dollar suit against the state of New York for his wrongful conviction.
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One Reply to “The C.O.W.S. w/ Jodie Cook (UK): Anthony Broadwater, Alice Sebold’s LUCKY #BlackMaleRapist”

  1. This was an eye-opening interview with Ms Cook, a rape victim who has genuine insight into the complexities of such an awful crime. I was impressed by her humility in how she acknowledged she had been fooled by Sebold’s book. Cook explained how Sebold’s account of being raped by a black man was so compelling it had fooled her into believing Anthony Broadwater was the perpetrator. This broadcast proves the point that the ‘Me too’ society has failed not just innocent black men, but all men. People need to wake up and accept that not all women ‘victims’ are honest.

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