BTR NEWS: In defense of Donald Sterling

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Tonight on Black Talk Radio News we examine the arguments of people defending Donald Sterling, particularly comedian Bill Maher who used the 4th Amendment to defend Sterling. Like those citing the 1st Amendment, he relies on a misinterpretation of the Amendments and of course lying about the facts of the recording.

A number of NBA players have talked about a boycott of games if the NBA does not get rid of Donald Sterling, one Charlotte, NC sports talk radio personality believes they should not. Lets examine part of his argument.

US AG Eric Holder spoke out against the overuse of solitary confinement on juveniles, specifically those with disabilities, while he is on the right track and comments are appreciated, they fall far short of what needs to happen in the criminal so-called justice system.

Next week kicks off National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth

Black Talk Radio News focuses on the global social/political news and issues of the day from a Black perspective. It is produced and hosted by Scotty Reid and airs on the Black Talk Radio Network radio station.



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  1. Yes, the Bill of Rights is to keep the government from infringing on your rights… supposedly.

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