As COVID 19 Business Restrictions Lift, Black Owner of Cleaning Business Looks To Expand

One of the hardest-hit industries during the COVID 19 pandemic are personal services related. Services provided by barber and beauty salons, tanning salons, nail and foot care, massage service had to shut completely down but some states which seem eager to reopen to prevent financial losses to their tax revenue streams, some of these services are opening back up.

One service provider to those who provide personal services is The Salon Chair Guys which has been popular with salon and barbershop owners throughout Southern California for decades is looking to start back up and expand its businesses as COVID 19 related restrictions lift in certain parts of the United States.

The Salon Chair Guys’ Eco-Friendly Salon Chair Cleaners are, in fact, the industry’s first salon chair cleaners. The Black-owned company was founded in 1997 in San Diego by Danny Larry, Sr. as Affordable Salon Equipment Repair. Over the years, it grew beyond service and repair to salon equipment sales, restoration, and cleaning products under the new ownership of his son, Daniel, and his business partner and best friend, Brian Moses.

“I grew up in my dad’s barbershop and salon equipment repair business. This industry is at the heart of who I am and I have a desire to help it thrive in these uncertain times,” explained Daniel co-owner. “When the pandemic hit and it became clear that salons would need to operate under a whole new set of cleanliness standards, we decided to make our affordable cleansers available on a broader scale. The products help stylists to prepare salon furniture and safely clean between client appointments while giving owners the peace of mind that their clients and stylist are not at risk from consistent exposure to harsh chemical cleaners.”

Brian Moses is quick to point out that their products are intended for use as a cleaning detergent – to remove dirt, organic matter, and product build-up in advance of a disinfectant. The non-toxic cleansers, likewise, are environmentally safe and do not contain harsh chemicals that damage chair fabric, vinyl, and leather, nor do they leave a residue. Ingredients mainly comprise coconut oils and a natural solution of sodium cocoate and plant-based tallowate.

The company is now introducing itself to the world by launching an online store with its full line of popular eco-friendly cleaning products and distribution through brick and mortar retail stores.

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