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The matter sometimes referred to as the Race Problem’ is the Basic Initial ‘Unfinished Business’ among people of the known universe. Therefore, to eliminate any major problem we must first eliminate the problem of racism which is white supremacy. If you do not understand Racism which is White Supremacy, what it is and how it works everything else you understand will only confuse you. Justice Radio Use words that reveal truth in order to produce justice and correctness on this Planet. Justice meaning no one mistreated White or Black.

We are Encouraging Goal Setting, Everyone must ask and answer,

1. What Do I Want to Do?
2. Why Do I Want to Do This?
3. How Will I Do This?
4. What Constructive Results Do I Expect From Doing This?

As we Elevate Consciousness About Justice we conclude that Justice will be a better system than what we have.

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  1. As a white American man I’m sick and tired of observing my fellow Americans who happen to be people of color unjustly targeted, arrested, imprisoned (in many cases wrongfully) and recently murdered by heavy handed, accident prone law enforcement officers around the nation. Poorly trained police officers shoot an unarmed black man, a police officer shot a black man in handcuffs at a train station, another black man shot by a police officer who pulled him over as he reaches for his wallet! This us happening more and more as many people know. The recent shooting deaths of police officers is just as horrible! Nobody should lose their life! Any black or brown person cannot move freely on the streets of our country because they know that when a crime is committed in their area and the suspect is a person of color they’re the “suspect” and will be stopped and checked out when noticed by local police officers or even killed by the police. The failed war on drugs is a big part of why this tragic situation continues. The US laws against illegal drugs were formed and enacted by racist politicians and government appointees approximately 100 years ago. Black and brown Americans account for a small number of drug users or drug dealers in our country compared to white Americans yet black and brown Americans account for the majority of persons arrested for drug law violations and those serving lengthy prison sentences for drugs! There many black and brown men and women who’ve been falsely and or unjustly prosecuted then imprisoned for drug law violations in the past 100 years. How can a man who gets sentenced to life in prison for a couple of grams of marijuana be of use to his family, this used to happen, it was common during the mid 20th century and still happens today in some cases in bible belt states that continue to enforce their draconian marijuana and other drug laws which mostly ensnare persons of color. Very often a black or brown American is falsely arrested and or imprisoned for a drug law violation. Black and brown people who do not use drugs at all are often arrested for drugs due to the most minor association with a person who uses or sells drugs! This rarely happens to white people who are not involved with drugs but have a friend or family member who is! These miscarriages of justice will continue as long as this drug war, a war on people of color continues! I’m speaking out about this not just for the many injustices taking place today. I’m also speaking out for a selfish reason. Right now I don’t have anything to worry about since I’m white and the police never look twice at me. As a non drug user I don’t have to worry about the police planting drugs on me however that is the case now. Not too many white people who love their freedom realize that once these “morality warriors” have all persons of color who oppose them silenced by imprisonment or death, they’ll be coming for us! Us as in all those who oppose them. Them as in the bigoted hateful “morality warriors” who exist in our society in various sectors and perpetrate their hatred of those who are not of their color, creed and culture.

    • go among your ” WHITE ” friends, white teachers, white doctors,lawyers, white mom…dad…trucker, white bakers, etc….and listen and snitch and tell black people, HOW WHITE PEOPLE PRACTICE RACISM/ WHITE SUPREMACY AMONG NON- WHITE PEOPLE – )

  2. Constructive observation.Remembering that all history is a current event, we look at what is going on and what should be going on. Knowing that we are born into an unjust system the business of producing a system of Justice must become our ultimate Goal Peace to you and yours.

    • The Best to you and yours,
      To Create a System Better than what we have,
      I just started a No one mistreated ‘PROCLAMATION’ petition on the White House petitions site, We the
      People. Will you help make this happen and sign it? http://wh.gov/ibWjX

      Encourage each person in your network to network and make this happen!

      Peace, Mary

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