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Time For An Awakening
Studio Lines: 1-215-253-7263
Listen & Participate: 215-490-9832

Time For An Awakening is streaming every Sunday from 7pm est – 9pm est. Past guests include Dr.Molefi Asante, BaBa Ashra Kwesii, BaBa Runoko Rashidi, Dr.Leonard Jeffries , Michelle Alexander, Boyce Watkins, Wlimer Leon, Tom Burrel, Dr.Maulana Karenga ,Ezra Aharone, Dr. Umar Johnson , State Of Black Farmers Series,Milton Alimadi, Dr. Tony Browder,Michelle Alexander, and many others.

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  5. This is my first time listening to your station. obviously the guests I’m listening to now don’t know the Bible. All I know is that they will find out. I received information about the station from my friend and former co-worker Officer Cariol Horne. I thought she was going to be on this morning but her email said yesterday. oh, perhaps this is the taping.

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  8. Hotep Brother Reggie !!!, I found you guys so I’ll listening for now on , also I heard Eliot Booker yesterday on sister Phile show talking about Gentrification!!!, I have a lot of info, about it.

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