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Time For An Awakening is streaming every Sunday from 7pm est – 9pm est. Past guests include Dr.Molefi Asante, BaBa Ashra Kwesii, BaBa Runoko Rashidi, Dr.Leonard Jeffries , Michelle Alexander, Boyce Watkins, Wlimer Leon, Tom Burrel, Dr.Maulana Karenga ,Ezra Aharone, Dr. Umar Johnson , State Of Black Farmers Series,Milton Alimadi, Dr. Tony Browder,Michelle Alexander, and many others. For more programming visit our platform @ http://www.timeforanawakening.com.

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  1. Greetings family, I love my black people. lets build our community like our ancestors, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and MLK wanted. we need to stay in communication and build the much needed trusts amongst us, black african. Time For An Awakening is needed in the community. brother Reggie, we miss you, from the One Million T/Os. Keep on keeping on. Power to the people

  2. Thanks Mama Iva Carruthers for the elaboration on the spiritual injustice of religion in respectively to Christianity as well. Glad hearing if we believe that whatever we do God sees then there we be justice but we say it like that and does not act that way. How can we forgive people when they don’t see theirself guilty? Since they are not guilty they keep repeating slavery in divers ways. How would the violence be eliminated from our society and community?
    Thank you for the good works and please keep it up.
    Listening to you all the way from GHANA

    Love you Mama Iva

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  7. This is my first time listening to your station. obviously the guests I’m listening to now don’t know the Bible. All I know is that they will find out. I received information about the station from my friend and former co-worker Officer Cariol Horne. I thought she was going to be on this morning but her email said yesterday. oh, perhaps this is the taping.

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  10. Hotep Brother Reggie !!!, I found you guys so I’ll listening for now on , also I heard Eliot Booker yesterday on sister Phile show talking about Gentrification!!!, I have a lot of info, about it.

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