Will Working Families teleconference seek to empower Black Women?

black mom cryingBy Scotty Reid

Working Families is promoting a national teleconference (conference call) to be hosted by Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of the sit-com Sex and the City. Also featured on the call will be Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT), Rep. Donna Edwards (MD), and Lilly Ledbetter.

I cannot help but ponder the sort of policy issues that will not be discussed as it relates to the Black mothers across America whom have more sons and daughter than any other group locked up on America’s prisons plantations. Black mothers whom have more of their children gunned down by the killer cops who all ways seem to get away.

The call is said to be focusing on fair pay, paid leave and access to childcare and certainly, those things are important to Black women for a number of reasons.

Black women certainly need fair pay in order to have more money to send to their sons and daughters on the prison plantation and to pay for the funerals of their children shot down in the streets by killer cops and the drug gangs empowered by drug prohibition, which has turned their communities into war zones.

Speaking of fair pay, one has to have employment in able to be considered for fair pay and we know Black unemployment is significantly higher among Black people despite gender than it is among other groups. I can not help but be reminded of the story of the Black woman who could not get any call backs from employers until she set up a fake job profile and pretended to be white.

On the issue of paid leave, certainly Black women need paid leave in order to attend the criminal trials of their children who have been set up and marked for the prison plantation, again through the drug war and they certainly need paid leave to attend the funerals of their children murdered by the gangs with badges and the gangs with colors.

If any Black mothers want to participate in this call and give their input on this political strategy session, and I would certainly encourage them to do so, they should register in advance on the web page set up by Working Families. You will not be able to call into the conference, they will call you so if you are poor and do not have an Obama phone, you may be left out unless you can make other arrangements to use someone else’s phone. Hell, if you are poor, you probably will not see this post on the Internet and will be unaware that this conference is even happening.

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