Panel Discussion: Are local radio stations a part of the community or not?

2-11-2014 6-15-39 PMFebruary 11, 2014 - Free myspace Profile Counter

Tonight on Militant Minded Radio, we will have a panel discussion on local radio stations and what roles they play in the communities in which they broadcast. Are music stations promoting hate and violence on the radio and is it any different from the talk radio stations that promote hate and intolerance through the airwaves? Should music stations be taken to task for what they broadcast just as much as right wing radio is taken to task?

Joining us on the panel is Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli of Clear The Airwaves Project, activist Traci Young Fant of and music artist and entrepreneur DA VOICEBOX.

We hope to discuss this and more tonight on Militant Minded Radio hosted by Yasin 360 Wise and Scotty Reid.

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