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February 25, 2014

Tonight Militant Minded Radio welcomes back Minister Paul Scott of the Durham, NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation. Minister Paul is calling on African descendant people to  boycott the film “Son of God” which opens in theaters on Friday around the nation.

The film is heralded as “The First Film about Jesus’s Life since Passion of the Christ” and is directed by Christopher Spencer.

In a press release Minister Paul Scott said, “that he is outraged that even in 2014, many people in this country still promote the, historically, inaccurate image of a Caucasian Christ.”

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3 Replies to “MM Radio: Minister says white Jesus is racist and offensive, calls for boycott of film “Son of God””

  1. It is true, Whites still are racist and must learn that we all are equal in Gods eyes. Jesus was not european, he was afro-asian. The fact that he was full of love, kindness and mercy already tells us that he was not a white man. Kill the Boer!

    1. Click the avatar link here and you will find it does not work,
      Ms Basinger just changed the spelling of her 1st name for this comment,
      as you will see if you follow the link I post here,
      she is a White woman from South Africa and therefore there is no way in the world she would end her short comment with “Kill the Boer!”

      “caroline basinger
      Lives in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa”

      In case readers are unaware there is a worldwide campaign going on which has as it centerpiece the theme of “White genocide” some of the players include the “White man march” and “stop White genocide in South Africa”
      They are rabidly racists and are daily playing the race card while claiming “anti racist is a code for anti White”

      This publication and it’s readers should be on guard against such forces spreading their poison in the hope of causing division.

  2. You know how they roll,
    if it’s good then it got to be like them, and
    Versa – Vice,
    I’m having go at Facebook ’cause,
    Despite attempting to prick Facebook’s social conscience they still are playing host to the Boeremag Race Terrorists, who would have bombed the late president Nelson MaDiba Mandela.
    They did bomb and kill in Azania – South Africa.
    Not only have I encountered support pages for these terrorists in Facebook, I also happened along an apartheid era sign. Used as a banner picture for one of the Boeremag (Farmer Force) support pages. The sign reads “WHITES ONLY” It and one of the pages currently appear to be removed,
    it may be just a temporary move.
    Facebook seems to have no idea of the level of racism which still exists in South Africa, despite apartheid being gone for 20 years. Elections have been called for May 7,
    publications such as Neo Genocide have recently said “Malema’s diatribe” will lead to the “biggest blood river in African history” in response to some of the proposals from Julius Malema of the E.F.F., regarding land reform, no doubt the same applies to President Jacob Zuma & the ANC should they dare attempt any reforms which make the Boer’s feel their privileges are threatened. The Mangaung plotters are currently on trial, they attempted to buy mortars which they planned to bomb the A.N.C. conference, December 2012, the funding they sought from the American K.K.K. The issue of race, racism and now race terror are still high on the agenda in South Africa. Facebook cannot be allowed to stand aloof and pretend that nothing is wrong, when in fact, they giving succor to race terrorists is a nail in the coffin of Azania – South Africa, whose prosperity is an engine which now in the hands of the majority could help to pull the whole of Africa forward.

    This page remains, please ask Facebook to remove it,
    The neglected petition I made
    (neglected while I argue with race haters…. another story)

    A.N.C. is the African National Congress, Mandela’s ruling party of South Africa
    E.F.F. is the Economic Freedom Fighters, x A.N.C. lead by the “youthful” Julius Malema

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