Breaking News: Black People in Washington D.C can take their guns outside

Miriam Carey

“A federal judge in the District of Columbia on Saturday overturned the city’s total ban on residents being allowing to carry firearms outside their home, declaring the law “unconstitutional” in a landmark decision for gun-rights activists.

Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. wrote in his ruling in Palmer v. District of Columbia that the right to bear arms extends outside the home, therefore gun-control laws in the nation’s capital are “unconstitutional.” – Fox News

So-called gun control laws in cities with a predominately Black population have contributed to them largely being left defenseless against police terrorism. Need I remind you of how Miriam Carey and her child were fired upon by law enforcement officers in Washington, DC who eventually gun downed the unarmed woman. The US Attorney over the district said no criminal charges were forth coming after their “investigation” because the officers did not violate any laws. Translation, its legal for police officers to gun down unarmed black people in the streets.

Robert F Williams

Robert F. Williams once said that there is no deterrent for the violence that Black people face and that they are not getting any protection from the Federal government so it is necessary that Black people themselves create the deterrent and meet violence with violence and that Black people must be willing to die and must be willing to kill if necessary to deter the violence that they face in America.


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