Man beaten by numerous NYPD officers says they are a “gang”

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The New York City Police Department is facing new accusations of police brutality after a man said he was punched, kicked, beaten with nightsticks and hit with pepper spray in the Bronx. Surveillance video shows about half a dozen officers piling onto 23-year-old Santiago Hernandez and pummeling him. Hernandez said he had been waiting for a friend outside a building when he was stopped and frisked by officers who said they were investigating a noise complaint. When the search turned up nothing, Hernandez said he asked why he had been frisked, at which point the officer put handcuffs on him. After he asked why he was being arrested, several other officers arrived and surrounded him. Hernandez told local news station ABC 7 what happened next. Santiago Hernandez: “They was taking turns on me. One kicks me, he steps back. Another one comes, he punches me, he steps back. And another one comes, he grabs my arm, hits me like 10 times with the baton. Another one comes, pepper sprays me. They was taking turns on me, like it was like a gang.”

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