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March 16, 2015

We have an update from the frontlines of the slave revolt in Alabama. Our brothers and sisters in the struggle to end modern day slavery, and combat the most inhumane treatment and conditions on the plantations of America have given us an update on their fight (our fight), naming names and specific conditions- this is what the general public needs to know.

Management and Training Corporation (MTC) is out in Willacy. We’ll give you details on how this prison slaver has lost its contract with the Federal government. Originally valued at over $500 Million dollars, how who will replace them? What will MTC do to get their shareholders back on track to earn profits from human suffering?

In Mississippi the judicial system for juveniles is known as the “taxi service”, because all they do is pick kids up and carry them back and forth to the jail/prisons. We’ll take a look at another DOJ report from 2012, which investigated the system of the school to prison pipeline, which said children were being incarcerated so “arbitrarily and severely as to shock the conscience.”

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is David Yearby.

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