Are white people starting a mass movement against police brutality and terrorism?

By Scotty Reid

Exactly 24 hrs after publishing the blog “White Lives Do Not Matter to most white people“, reports surfaced on alternative news websites that invitations were sent out over Facebook to over 10,000 bikers nationwide to attend a protest at the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco, Texas, the scene where police and corporate media reported that rival biker organizations went after each other and caused the loss of life at the Twin Peaks Restaurant last month on May 17.

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In the blog “White Lives Do Not Matter to most white people”, I posed the question about whether or not the masses of people who are classified as white in the USA, would ever start their own mass movement against police state violence and terrorism. Over 1,000 responded to the event on Facebook indicating that they would attend but from looking at the local media reports, it appears that less than 100 actually showed up. This seems like further evidence that White Lives Do Not Matter to most white people despite the unprecedented rates that white people are being killed by police and law enforcement.

One of the bikers speaking to the media even tried to play the respectability game stating that they were there to be respectful, peaceful and there would not be any rioting.  That seems like a dig at the Black Lives Matter protest that have sprung up since last fall where some violence occurred in response to the heavy police presence along with the national guard to intimidate those expressing grievances with policing in their towns and cities. In places like Ferguson we saw armed thugs in police uniforms threaten protesters and shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed demonstrators which numbered in the thousands all over the country.

What is so hypocritical about the one biker’s attempt at respectability politics is that the bikers want people to know that police and the media are lying about what occurred in Waco last month and that the bikers were victims ambushed by police. However, people like Mr. Respectable Biker are all too willingly to accept the police and media characterizations of Black protesters.

Based on the poor attendance of the biker protest today, I must say again, White Lives Do Not Matter to most white people. They rather spend there time trying to justify police terrorism against Black people instead of trying to do any thing to reign in the police state that is affecting all of the USA.

Live Stream Coverage of the “All for One Bike Rally”, Click Here…

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