To beat white supremacists, try thinking like one

6-8-2015 7-43-24 PM
By Scotty Reid

Unfortunately, I have been made increasingly aware that some non-white people do not believe the system of racism and white supremacy, which emanates from the USA globally can be defeated. I think what people are mistaking for supremacy or intelligence is actually a lack of a moral compass and the willingness to do whatever it takes to dominate intended victims.

I do not believe in the supremacy of so-called “white supremacists”. They are not in fact the smartest on the planet as some seem to interpret their domination of the planet since the advent of steel and guns. How they have been able to dominate non-white people is because based on the evidence, they are the most vicious, immoral, and evil people on the planet and they, “white supremacists” have been very good at being inhumane.

While white supremacy is indeed a global problem, non-white people all over the planet have been resisting and working on ridding themselves of white supremacy based systems of government. Some non-white people are impacted by white supremacists more than others but we should not believe there have not been any battles won in this centuries old global war. To dismiss the sacrifices and hard work of millions of non-white people world wide in reducing the impact of white supremacist on their societies is a disservice to their memories.

The war is far from over but based on the evidence, some of it centuries old, non-white people have certainly made gains. If this were not true then for an example, the estimated 43 million Black people in the USA would all be in physical chains working on a plantation for the enrichment of the white supremacists instead of there only being less than one million in modern slavery. If there have been no battles won, then Haiti would still be under the direct control of France and not a single African nation would be enjoying any semblance of  independence. Have those nations had setbacks? Of course they have but they are still in the fight.

I truly believe that perhaps the reason white supremacy as a system is hanging on is not because of what white supremacists are doing but what their victims are doing. When you have many, many non-white people, buying into a system that they know is based on racism, then their actions in cooperating with white supremacists plays a major role in the continuance of the system. When enough non-white people devote as much energy into destroying the system as they do trying to assimilate into it, then we will see bigger gains towards its demise.

However, if you believe in the supremacy of white supremacists and think that whatever non-whites do in opposition will not make a difference because you believe nothing tried to this point has worked, then you are defeated already and white supremacy rules not only your physical body but also your mind.

Battles are fought in the mind before they take place on the battlefield. An army that believes it cannot win is already defeated and to spare needless deaths, that army should just surrender. Perhaps this is why so many non-white people become proxies of the system, they believe they are on the losing team and work to show racist man, woman and child that they would be assets to team white supremacy.

Again, if you believe in the supremacy of white supremacist and want to dismiss any battles non-white have won in the long war, then why waste time trying to counter racism? Just go ahead and be the very best proxy of racism you can be in helping to perpetuate the system of white supremacy and improve conditions for yourself. That seems like the logical thing to do if you believe you cannot beat them and if you cannot beat them, they say join them and therein lies the problem with non-white people, too many are trying to assimilate through cooperation with the white supremacists.

Not cooperating with white supremacists is not going to do it alone but it is the best practice for those who are dedicated to winning this war. The other thing non-white people must learn to do is to think like a white supremacist. This means throwing out any kind of moral code, any kind of rules of “civilized” warfare and being willing to do whatever is necessary to eliminate white supremacists globally. Once the world has been rid of these vile people, then we can work on reclaiming our humanity.

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  1. Gwiz, I like the idea of battles in the mind as ideological warfare is the primary place where this battle is convening
    Also, this statement here means the most to me:
    “This means throwing out any kind of moral code,”

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