Black Talk Radio News – Warmongers angry over Iran Nuclear deal

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Today we will be joined by Mr. Jimmy Jay Davies the owner of the web portal

“The purpose of is to provide a comprehensive list of African American events of the past, present and future. We do so by researching significant events of the past and by providing an easy, economical way for organizations to share upcoming events with the world.”

In the news…

Zionists and Zionist puppets in the US Congress are angry that Obama administration reached an agreement with the Iranians over their nuclear program. However, President Obama is confident that the Israelis meddling in the affairs of the USA will not be able to use their proxies in Congress to derail the agreement.

We will revisit President Obama’s recent commutations of drug war convictions and hear from him on issues related to modern day slavery and human trafficking.

White supremacists are still angry over the removal of the terrorist flag from the SC State House grounds and still plan to rally this Saturday. When you examine their comments, it reveals the ultimate entitlement mentality which white society in the USA has nurtured for hundreds of years.

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