Justice Radio Station “Liberating Ladies” RAmember BLACK Aug. 2015 ‘REFLECT & FOCUS’ Sept. 3, 1492- Sept 3, 2015

We have reached the exhaustion of the wisdom of this world.
We have reached the exhaustion of the wisdom of this world.TIME: THURSDAY 1:00PM Est. (712) 775-7036 code 879949# star 6,1 On Air Constructive Interactions.

Phone (712)7757036 code 879949# Star 6,1 ON AIR Constructive Interactions.

Express Your Self with Mary, of USA Incorporated 13th Colony. Where signs everywhere say when Black Stay Back.

Expressing her heart and experience, call in encourage constructive character development for the Grass Roots. Peace, Ultimate Health, Prosperity EVERYONE in a system of Justice as it should have been in the first place.

Definite Purpose of Liberating Ladies is Visualizing Creating, Implementing Justice Centered Curriculum.

A system of Justice will be better than what we have. True or True? express Your Self.

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