Black Talk Radio News – US Senators reach deal to continue 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking

10-5-2015 3-22-38 PM
In the news…

A group of bi-partisan US Senators have a reached an agreement to keep practicing modern slavery via the Drug War and no other Senators or Presidential candidates have announced whether or not they will support the abolition of private prisons in the USA.

A second source has reported that the Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians and Russian have formed a coalition headquartered in Iraq to confront ISIL in Syria. New reports state that China is also joining the coalition. Of course USA INC and its NATO partners are not happy about it as it presents a problem for them in overthrowing yet another nation. The western corporate media is doing what it always does in spreading disinformation about the conflict.

The indigenous people of Hawaii have an opportunity to take their country back as USA INC gives it “permission” to hold a vote on whether or not the people want to reform their government and nation. While this is big news, it has received very little corporate media attention outside of an Associated Press article.

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