Black Talk Radio News – Film Director Quentin Tarantino links White Supremacy to Police Terrorism

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Black activist Shaun King had his Twitter account suspended after he posted an exchange between himself and a CNN producer about why he would not be a guest on Don Lemon’s program on the white supremacists propaganda channel. Let us analyze and critique. Also, sick and tired of Black people telling other Black people they are not Black people as some people still pushing the notion that Mr. King ain’t Black because he has a white parent.

A listener/donor asked me to cover the issue of Black men damaging their long-term health by playing in the NFL. This question has arisen again after the death of her “lover and friend” Frederick A. McNeill who was a linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings. Mr. McNeil died two days ago after a battle with Dementia and ALS.

In a case of reverse racial showcasing, the high profile film maker and actor Quentin Tarantino refuses to back down on comments that police are committing murders in the USA and that their resistance to police reforms are rooted in White Supremacy. On Sunday at the Hollywood Film Awards, actor Jamie Foxx made comments in support of Tarantino’s position on police brutality and told the director “Keep telling the truth and don’t worry about none of the haters”.

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