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Tune in and build with Abdul Mateen-Mayes, a resident of Milwaukee grew up in Mississippi. He became an activist after the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012 by George Zimmerman. Influenced by the masses of black high school and college students using acts of civil disobedience. Thereafter, he began attending “Stop the Violence” rallies, but felt that marching was not a progressive enough tactic.

Mr. Mayes answered the call to come to the 20th Anniversary gathering in Washington, DC where representatives from different organization and communities spoke on the many social ills facing Black and non-white communities. Different speakers touched on common themes like boycotting the shopping seasons and practicing Black Economics.

Recently Mr. Mayes posted a video to social media expressing his dissatisfaction with the lack of Black vendors at the recent Million Man March but most of his observation was the mentally of a lot of people who just heard a message about Black economics, recycling black dollars and inflicting pain on the economy through collective boycotting, leave that event and immediately hand their dollars over to non-black vendors.

Mr. Mayes currently spends time participating in cop watching and street patrolling. Mr. Mayes is also part of the F**K Yo Flag Movement that has demonstrated across the nation and promoted through social media.

Questions and/or observations? Give us call to join in the dialogue.

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