BTR News – Chicago continues to deny corruption in whistleblower’s lawsuit

11-30-2015 1-59-37 PM
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The city of Chicago led by its Mayor, Rahm Emanuel continues to cover up the corruption in the Chicago Police department. In addition to paying the woman who gave birth to Laquan McDonald $5 million in hush money to keep the video of the murdered young man quiet, the city is involved in another lawsuit filed by police whistleblowers who allege widespread corruption in a federal lawsuit. More….

Donald Trump has cancelled a press conference where he was suppose to announce that a group of Black religious leaders across the country were going to endorse him. Not so fast says some of the religious leaders who declined his invitation to meet with the GOP candidate at Trump Towers. More…

Baltimore is in the midst of Jury Selection in one of the trials of one of the six Baltimore cops indicted in the death of Freddie Grey. Jury selection for Baltimore cop William G. Porter began today. More…

A victim of prison guards at Rikers Island was murdered after expressing concerns that his life was in danger to a relative. Robert Hinton was murdered the day before he was to receive a $450,000 settlement check and police have no leads. More…

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