The Lotus Place – Sexualization / Victimization of Black Females & Lead H2O in Flint, MI

12-20-2015 7-49-45 PM

Who advocates for Black women being raped by on-duty cops like Holtzclaw in OK?

Have Black leaders, women’s groups, & the mainstream media been too silent on the case of cops raping and victimizing Black women?
Flint, MI has been through a tumultuous time suffering with the increased charges for H2O & now they are suffering from lead poisoning which has caused cognitive delays, skin rashes, hair loss, etc.

How can we work towards ensuring the protection of Black women & people have access to clean H2O?
Let’s talk about it

Also… Ask Delta Cougar segment- letters from listeners & Mind, Body, & Spirit w/Mother Zola.

Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE! HOST ~BLACK ROSE

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