The C.O.W.S. Presidential Election 2016, Dr. Niyana Rasayon

Wednesday, November 9th 1:00AM Eastern/ 10:00PM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy covers the 2016 presidential election. Gus T. Renegade and Dr. Niyana Rasayon dissected Donald J. Trump’s stunning triumph over Hillary R. Clinton. We took time to acknowledge that more than a year ago counter-racist scientist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing predicted Trump would secure the White House. Dr. Rasayon and Gus discussed the legions of Whites who lied, said they would never vote for Trump, but then cast a ballot for the Republican winner. In particular, Gus maintains that White Women should be identified for their critical support of Trump – more than 50% of White Women are reported to have voted for him. We also discussed marijuana legalization. Recreational cannabis is now legal in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine. Part of the early explanation for Clinton’s loss, is the lower turn out of African American voters. Dr. Rasayon invested special care in revoking the notion that black people are to blame for Clinton’s historic defeat.


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