Race Treaty: Live from New Orleans – First Defenders promote rights from Chicago to the U.S. South

This week we bring you a live call-in show from New Orleans with First Defense Legal (FDLA) aid organizers on the road. Tonight’s program focuses on FDLA’s history-making news this week, capping years of activism to ensure access to free counsel for all Chicagoan’s upon arrest, not after they have been interrogated and it is too late to avoid false confessions and resulting mass incarceration This is a human right that any city, county, or state could provide.

The Human Rights Cities movement allows every day people to brainstorm solutions to racial and economic justice issues just like this, to transform inequities via the power of the people. Race Treaty will be onsite in NOLA as First Defenders exchange ideas and strategies with fellow organizers and educators in their travels from “up north” to the “dirty south”. Callers can learn and share about how they envision moving from civil rights to human rights at the local level in ways that can transform cities, (and ultimately the nation) especially in the current Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024).

People in CPD custody will have access to lawyers sooner

Arrestees to get access to lawyers free of charge at Chicago police stations

Host: Vickie Casanova Willis
Guests: Attorney Standish E. Willis, FDLA Exec Director Eliza Solowiej and the FDLA Street Law Corps peer educators

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