Video: Virginia’s Middle School Sexual Assault and Racism

The Snapchat had just about every offensive topic the middle school students could cram into a video clip: race-based simulated sexual assaults, profanity-laced slurs and repulsive language that shocked whoever the intended audience was — and, eventually, many more people.

In a flash, the Short Pump Middle School football team’s sexual and racist video clip has rocketed nationwide, the latest reminder that Internet posts can have enduring, devastating effects in the real world.

In this case, those consequences were swift: According to the Associated Press, the rest of the team’s season has been canceled; police are investigating the students seen in the video; and the whole team — now the face of a viral video — has to undergo sensitivity training.

The students recorded the video sometime last week, and someone shared it on Snapchat. It ultimately got out and spread in this Richmond suburb of nearly 25,000. -Washington Post

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