Rebecca Libram aka Zodwa Wabantu banned from performing in second African country

BTR News – (Zambia) South African dancer Rebecca Libram who goes by the name Zodwa Wabantu has been banned from performing her erotic dances in Zambia. Wabantu has been told that she will not be allowed to perform in Zambia because her public performances would help to undermine the country’s “national values”. Zodwa was banned in Zimbabwe last year when she was hired to perform during the annual street show Harare International Carnival. Zodwa is popular for wearing tight clothing and not wearing underwear while performing which has made her real popular among males and others have said she is little more than a stripper without the pole.

In a letter dated 7th March to Sunset Sound Production the director of National Arts Council of Zambia (NACZ), Maanka Chipindi, said the application by the dancer does not comply with the Zambia laws.

“I write to inform you that your application for the clearance of Ms. Rebecca Libram has been unsuccessful,” wrote Chipindi. “It does not comply with the three calendar months requirements as per NAC (Laws of Zambia).” Chipindi added, “Based on the preview of some her shows in other countries, the conclusion of the show will be contrary to public interest and will undermine our national values.”

“Accordingly, you are free to appeal this decision to the minister of tourism and arts within twenty-one days.”

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